So far I've talked a lot of guff about possibilities, ideas, and vague desires. But ideas are worthless. They aren't real. 

Here's a list of things we've actually decided. I've divided them into nouns and verbs; things and actions. 
Games are made out of nouns and verbs (and sometimes adjectives and adverbs too, if they're complex games!)
Being an interactive medium, games are all about the verbs. If the action is fun, then you've got a pretty good game.
So far we have a lot of nouns, and not so many verbs. That's ok! We have weeks, and nouns are easier to think about first.

  • There are 8 people.
  • They all have predefined roles.
  • Scott is the leader.
  • There is an inventory of stuff.
  • The inventory contains food, a stove, fuel, animal food, sleeping bags, science equipment and a tent.
  • The inventory may also contain fears, hopes, and memories.
  • They carry all the stuff on sleds.
  • They have individual items, which is aligned to their predefined role.
  • Scott has a diary.
  • There are x dogs and n horses.

  • The objective is to get to the pole and back.
  • The three main activities are walking, camping and rationing.
  • Being the leader, Scott tells others what to do, chooses what equipment to take, allocates resources and decides the route.
  • Over time, the landscape becomes more complex.



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