Melon had once seen a tulip. This made him something of a celebrity in the pony community, akin to Runwell, who had been shod twice in one year, and Hazel, who was the only pony known to eat lichen. Despite this, Melon stood alone most of the time. He didn't feel part of the herd. He was self-conscious about his Beatles-style haircut, and the way his chest deformed weirdly when he moved his front legs. He knew the other ponies didn't worry so much about things, and he wasn't sure why he did. Sometimes he thought about leaving the herd, and finding a field where he would be alone. Sometimes he thought about the tulip. 

When he became the first pony to reach the South Pole, he didn't notice. But he did feel a vague moment of unease, like he was facing all directions at once.


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