Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made. Here are some real-life events which are too gamey to be in the game:
  • One time they camped on sea ice. This wasn't a great idea, as when they awoke they were floating out to sea and their possessions were scattered on a bunch of floating ice sheets. To get back to land, they had to collect their supplies and ponies and jump from one sheet to another as hungry orca whales lunged at them.
  • Another time, as they were crossing a field of crevasses, the ground collapsed under the dog sled team. Half the dogs were one one side, half were on the other, and the ones in the middle were slowly strangled to death by their harnesses.
  • As the last support team left Scott and his team to complete the final trek to the South Pole, the weather turned and they couldn't keep up time. To avoid dying of cold and starvation, they took a radical decision to speed up their journey. On the top of Beardmore glacier, they all hopped on the sled and rode all the way down, reaching speeds of 100 kph. 100 kph!
  •  The same team (lead by Lieutenant Evans) also encountered massive crevasses on the way back to camp. One particularly large crevasse, 25 metres from edge to edge, could only be crossed by a tiny ice-bridge. They named this "the crossbar to the H of Hell".


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